A multi-generational cast of 新葡新京app students and faculty, 当地高中生, and professional 艺术家 will converge on campus for a production of dance, 音乐, 马戏团, 和纯 快乐! 在10月中旬.

Directed by award-winning dancer and choreographer Tandy比尔, 快乐! is a longtime stage spectacular featuring more than 25 acrobats, 舞者, and 马戏团 艺术家 that is tailored for the celebration of Trinity’s 200th anniversary.

“I’m ecstatic for our 社区 to bear the fruits of our labor and feel the 快乐说:“ 戏剧和舞蹈 major Ayouba Swaray ’24, who is one of 16 Trinity student performers. Many other students are working backstage and managing the wardrobe, 照明, 房子前面, 和更多的.

Performances are free and open to the public and will be held at 奥斯汀艺术中心’s Goodwin Theater on Friday, October 13, at 7:30 p.m. 10月14日,星期六,下午2点.m. 晚上7:30.m.在新葡新京app 200周年秋季周末.

演员阵容包括教职员工 彼得·凯尔, associate professor of 戏剧和舞蹈 and chair of Trinity’s Theater and Dance Department; Rachna R. Agrawal, visiting lecturer in 戏剧和舞蹈; and 布兰登D. Couloute, visiting lecturer in 戏剧和舞蹈.

Kyle has previously collaborated with Beal, founder of Tandy比尔 & 公司,并帮助带来 快乐! 对三一. “I wanted to add some excitement to our 社区 around the arts as we celebrate the 周年纪念,他说. “标题 快乐! 坦迪总结道. She has such an optimistic view of life and the world, and despite all the challenges that we face, she really likes to emphasize work that celebrates 社区. We want folks to come and feel the value of live performance and of a 社区-building endeavor.”

快乐! 彩排
Director Tandy比尔 rehearses with Trinity students. 照片由Nick Caito提供.

Trinity students are being exposed to new skills and techniques through rehearsing and performing with professional 艺术家, 凯尔说. “但不止于此,他补充道, “they get to be part of this coming together of numerous different cultures and traditions, all to center the arts in the celebration at Trinity.”

Guest 艺术家 performing on the same stage as Trinity students in 快乐! 包括长期的坦迪·比尔 & 公司 collaborators and Cirque du Soleil soloists Jeff Raz and Diane Wasnak, the award-winning a cappella group SoVoSó, hand-balancer and contortionist Fleeky Franko, 呼啦圈手娜塔莎·卡鲁扎, 以及埃塞俄比亚的变戏法者伊特·海鲁.

The cast also features local professional dancer Isaiah Artis, as well as high school dance students from the CREC Greater 哈特福德 Academy of the Arts Half-Day Program.

快乐! 彩排
Director Tandy比尔 and Associate Professor of Theater and Dance 彼得·凯尔 work on a piece for 快乐!

Alexa Melonopoulos Fleury, chair of the academy’s dance department, said that ongoing collaborations with Trinity offer valuable opportunities to student performers. “For young 舞者, it’s an extraordinary experience to work with Tandy,” Melonopoulos Fleury said. “She speaks to them about being playful and joyful, but also fearless, to make the piece work. It’s exciting to watch our students work with professional 艺术家; t在这里’s a little bit of nerves, but we see them step up to the plate and grow through this experience.”

Beal agreed that the highly collaborative nature of this production adds to the joy. “One of the goals is to bring together a 社区 of 舞者, 艺术家, 专业人士, 和学生, knowing that everybody is enriched by a deep collaboration. We each have something to learn, all the way around the table,” she said. “Drawing communities together is an extraordinary way to celebrate 200 years.” Because she and Kyle were in the same dance company, 虽然是不同的世代, they have a well-honed language that enriches this collaboration with great trust, 比尔说.

快乐! 彩排
Trinity students will perform as part of 快乐! 在200周年秋季周末.

“I love 马戏团 because it’s the quickest way to wonderment for adults,” added Beal. “We often think of wonder only as a childlike thing, but it’s not. We all need things to take us away from our daily worries, 哪怕只有一瞬间, which I think this show has the capacity to do. 这是一场适合全家参加的音乐会, and t在这里 will be something 音乐ally, 还有视觉效果, 对每个人都. 我希望人们敞开心扉, 我希望他们笑, and I hope they walk out wrapped in optimism, 准备好迎接下一个200年.”

In her career, Beal has helmed acclaimed productions on four continents. Her accomplishments include directing the Moscow Circus in Tokyo, staging shows for Carl Sagan’s SETI conference, 娱乐 周一橄榄球之夜 旧金山49人队, 皮克斯公司活动, 甲骨文, 和卢卡斯影业, creating choreography for Tim Burton’s 圣诞节前的噩梦  many of singer Bobby McFerrin’s world tours, acting as artistic director of the Pickle Family Circus for 10 years, and bringing to life 65 life-sized puppets for Frank Zappa.

一和二 快乐! 艺术家 will offer talks and workshops at Trinity during the week leading up to the October 13 and 14 performances: Sunshine (García) Becker will lead a Circle Song master class on Tuesday, 10月10日, 从下午2:30到3:45.m. in 奥斯汀艺术中心’s Gruss Music Hall; Jeff Raz will lead a 马戏团 master class on Wednesday, 10月11日, 从下午1:30到2:45.m. in the Performance Lab at Trinity Commons; and Beal will give a public talk about creativity, 社区, and collaboration called “Making Beauty, 搞清楚, “掀起波澜”, 10月12日, 从12:15到1:30.m. in 奥斯汀艺术中心’s Gruss Music Hall.

门票 快乐! are free; reservations are strongly advised. For tickets 和更多的 information, click 在这里.