Trinity College currently offers master's degree programs in American studies, English, public policy, and urban planning.

We also offer two graduate certificates. The Graduate Certificate in Museums and Communities is offered through the American Studies program, while the Graduate Certificate in Urban Planning is offered through a partnership between the Public Policy and Urban Studies programs.

Across graduate programs, we offer a range of flexible options, designed to accommodate busy schedules and ensure timely degree completion.

  • Full-time or part-time status. Students can enroll as either full-time or part-time students. We map out the possible trajectories so you can sequence your courses and complete your degree. Your adviser will work with you to plan a pathway that’s tailored to your needs.
  • Point of entry. Students can begin each graduate program in the fall, spring, or summer terms; and we’ve identified entry courses for each term.
  • Course schedules. Our graduate courses are typically during evening hours to accommodate busy professional schedules.
  • Non-degree status. Students who aren’t sure about committing to a degree program can take up to four courses before applying for admission. Students must earn no less than a B- in courses taken as a non-degree student if those courses are subsequently to count toward the degree.
  • Transferring courses. Up to two graduate courses taken at another institution can be transferred and counted toward the Master’s degree, subject to an approval process.​

American Studies

Trinity’s longstanding master’s program in American Studies provides an advanced interdisciplinary understanding of the field and its research methods.



Trinity’s advanced master’s program in English offers a rich variety of courses in literature, film, and media arts, deepening students’ understanding of the field and culminating in either a research thesis or a pedagogical project.


Public Policy

The master’s program in Public Policy at Trinity College prepares students broadly for analyzing policy issues.


Urban Planning

The master’s program in Urban Planning provides students with professional training and expertise in urban planning.


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